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DWI Costs

No one plans on getting arrested for DUI. But, just by being charged with DWI, you are likely facing serious costs; financially, and emotionally. Besides worrying about what you will do without a license, and not knowing what can happen to you if are convicted. You are probably worrying about how to defense your case and how much a good lawyer will cost.

Costs for a Good DUI Lawyer

Good Lawyers who are experienced in DWI / DUI defense will often charge a few thousand dollars for a first offense. It may be more or less depending on if it will be a trial or plea, and if expert witnesses will be needed. DUI charges are complicated. They are probably the most difficult type of misdemeanor charge there is. To properly defend your case, a lawyer should know the science behind alochol tests and field sobriety tests. A good lawyer needs to know how to keep out illegally obtained/ inadmissable evidence, and needs to know what defenses are available for you. A good DUI lawyer will often have advanced training that other lawyers who do not handle many drunk driving cases do not have. Spending more upfront on a qualified DUI lawyer can often save you thousands in the end.

Costs of Convictions

Being convicted of DWI will easily cost you thousands of dollars. There are mandatory fines, increased insurance premiums, alcohol programs, reinstatement fees, etc.. These numbers are often specific figures you can put a price on. What is more difficult to put a price on is lost income from not having a license, having to pay someone to drive you places, and possibly even worse, the consequences of having a criminal record. If you are convicted of DWI in New Hampshire, you will have a criminal record. Employers can ask about this. Many professions will have adverse consequences (particularly teachers, government employees, and anyone who drives for a living) if you have a DUI conviction.

A DWI conviction can have far reaching consequences. There is collaboration among the states to share information pertaining to DWI convictions. Therefore, a DWI conviction in NH can be used against you in another state. If the state issuing your license is one other than NH, notice of the conviction will be sent to that state which may take administrative action against you pursuant to their rules. Also, some states, like MA, have a lifetime look-back period for DWI. Therefore, although you may be facing a first offence in NH because a prior DWI was more than 10 years ago, if MA has issued your license, MA can impose enhanced penalties as a subsequent offense.   To truly understand the far reaching consequences of a DWI conviction, you should hire a DWI attorney. An experienced DWI lawyer will be able to explain to you exactly what you are facing and advocate for the best possible outcome. Know your Rights and Know the Risks before pleading guilty or going to trial.

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