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Under 21 DWI in New Hampshire

If you are under 21 and convicted of DWI, besides the license loss of at least one year, you shall not be eligible for reissuance of a license prior to the age of 21 unless you satisfy the director after an administrative hearing that you will drive in a safe manner if the license is issued. The director may place such restrictions on any license so issued as the director deems in the best interest of public safety[1]. You are also more likely to be required to have an Interlock device in your vehicle prior to getting your license back.

The Legal limit for drivers under 21 is .02. This is generally around one drink. Things like a portable breath test are not 100% accurate. In using the same model that many police departments use throughout New Hampshire, I have been able to register a .04 on a portable breath test machine after drinking no alcohol, but solely from chewing on bread.

[1] N.H. RSA 263:14(V)

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