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Attorney Dan Hynes New Hampshire DWI Guy

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Attorney Dan Hynes, the New Hampshire DWI GUY wrote the book drunk driving and drugged driving defense. Two versions of this book are for people accused of DUI (one in NH and another for MA OUI cases), and the other version is for lawyers representing people accused of DUI in New Hampshire.

Between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Attorney Hynes has handled more than 100 combined hearings/trials related to DWI and helped hundreds of clients. Atorney Hynes does more DUI trials in a year than most lawyers do in their career.

Drunk driving related offenses are all that Attorney Hynes does.

I'm attorney hynes the nh dwi guy. If you or a loved one have been charged with DWI you should act immediately to protect your rights. There are important deadlines in your case to protect your license. Hiring the right lawyer can make a real difference. Our team of DWI lawyers are here to help. We have helped hundreds of people like you accused of DWI. I am the author of a couple books on DWI, and the only lawyer in NH who only does DWI defense.

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Wrote the Book on DUI

Author of 3 books on DUI ; Drunk Driving & Drugged Driving Defense - Massachusetts Client Edition, New Hampshire Client Edition, and New Hampshire Lawyer Edition.


Specific DWI / DUI Trainings:

IACP/NHTSA Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Course Overview. This Course fully explains the 12 steps that are supposed to be involved with a DRE investigates someone for driving under the influence of drugs.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Certification Student Course (NHTSA Course) -

This is the class that police take in order to be able to administer field sobriety tests.

Attorney Hynes passed this course with a score of 100% and is certified to administer FSTs.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Certification Instructor Course (NHTSA Course) -
Not only is the NH DWI GUY certified to administer field sobriety tests, he is certified to train the police to administer the tests. New Hampshire's DWI GUY has completed the NHTSA 40 hour class to effectively administer and instruct the SFST practitioner training course curriculum.

Often quoted in the media

Attorney Hynes has appeared on the front cover of the Union Leader, in the Nashua telgraph, and on radio stations including NHPR and WOKQ.


Working With Your DWI Lawyer: What to Expect

After you have chosen a New Hampshire DWI attorney to represent you, you should prepare yourself to answer a barrage of questions. Your lawyer and his assistants must be familiar with each detail of your DWI case, including what happened before, during, and after. Personal questions regarding your past may be asked if they are related to the circumstances of your current case. Details must be known so your legal counsel can anticipate what a prosecutor will attempt to do to convict you.

Always cooperate with your lawyer. Do as they ask, and do it promptly.

Your NH DWI Lawyer’s Responsibilities

Your NH DWI attorney will invest a considerable amount of time in reviewing the evidence and facts of your case. They will inform you of upcoming legal hearings, new motions, and mandatory court appearances. Your lawyer will notify you when any changes occur in your case. However, you should not pepper your lawyer with daily phone calls looking for updates, and your lawyer is not there to provide an emotional support system for you. Enable your NH DUI lawyer to work on your behalf, but do not allow yourself to become a nuisance.

Trust In Your DWI Attorney’s Knowledge, Skills, and Expertise

After your DWI lawyer has been hired, trust him or her that they will effectively work on your case. If you believe an error has occurred, you retain the right to dismiss your lawyer and find new legal representation. A professional DWI lawyer will not attempt to persuade you to plead not guilty or guilty. Rather, they will present you with the bare facts after conducting a comprehensive investigation, inform you of the challenges you would incur if your case proceeds to trial, recommend a course of action, but leave the ultimate decision up to you.

Additionally, trust your lawyer to know what evidence to present and what witnesses he or she should interview. If your NH DWI attorney believes that an expert witness should be hired to present certain evidence, follow their legal advice. Most New Hampshire DWI lawyers have developed extensive professional relationships with experts in specific fields, and they will know how their contacts can be used for your advantage within the courtroom.

Cooperate With Your Lawyer

Finally, ensure that you assist your New Hampshire DWI lawyer in any manner they require. Remain cooperative and professional. Information should be provided in a timely manner. Required releases should be signed promptly so your attorney can access the information they need. Most importantly, be open and honest with your DWI lawyer. Remember that they are working on your behalf and with your best interests in mind.

Disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee a future outcome. Results include cases in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Attorney Dan Hynes is admitted to practice law only in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This website may be considered advertising. Contacting us does not create an attorney/client relationship and the information on this site is not legal advice and may be inaccurate or not applicable to your case. Each case is different.

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